Monday, October 15, 2012

Liebe Familie,
We finally met with Danielle again! She has been out of town, but she
is back! And her boyfriend is in town, so he was at the last lesson.
He is so cool, and Sister Stewart and I approve of him for Danielle.
Danielle is continuing to make progress, and we are still praying that
her parents´ hearts will be softened. But she will be fine. :]
We got Elders in our ward!!! We are so excited!!! They are very cool,
and so excited to be here! We have tried to help them out as much as
possible with this white-washing (we left chocolate, a public
transportation map, the area book with notes all over the place about
how to teach their new investigators, and so forth). They are also
living with the Wien 3 Elders, so that has been helpful, too. Elder
Johnson is from Sandy and is training Elder Escher from St. Gallen.
Sister Stewart and I do not know how he got called to this mission
(St. Gallen is in this mission), but he seems legit, and we are so
excited to work with him!
Weird story about Wien 3. So Elders Gunn and Babcock were supposed to
stay this next transfer. But, at 10:15 Tuesday night, the president
called them and said that Elder Gunn was needed in Stuttgart, his
train was leaving the next morning at 12:30, and Elder Babcock would
be training. So they packed all night, and none of us got to say
good-bye to Elder Gunn. Schade. Aber, this means that except for Graz,
Wien 5, and, of course, the Zone Leaders, our entire zone has goldens
in the companionship. It´s so crazy, but it will be great!
We got a hold of one of our less actives for my first time this week!
They are this cute little family from Nepal. It is the Dad, Mom, and
their new-born baby. They moved, and no one knew where they went. But
we got a hold of them and visited Sarita and the baby this week. We
taught about eternal families (they also still need the recent convert
lessons), and we pushed F.H.E. We explained what it was, and I
mentioned that one of the prophets promised that if you do F.H.E.,
your kids may skate off course, but they will always come back. I
apologized that I didn´t know which prophet it was, but that was all
that she needed. She got so excited and started implementing a plan
for F.H.E. for the next 10 minutes. She was just so excited! And she
came to church yesterday!! It is so great helping the less-actives
Things are going well with our investigators, too! Sister Stewart and
I had to work out splits last night so we could teach two lessons at
once! But, it was so good!! And that´s also why the elders are also in
our ward now. We need the help!! We have been swamped! But, it´s great
that there is so much work to keep us busy!!
Sorry this isn´t very long, but I need to run! I hope all is well!
Ich liebe euch!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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