Monday, October 29, 2012

Liebe Familie,
This was a slower week, but still a good one! 
On Tuesday night, we had dinner in Untersiebenhirten with our GML. We had to take a train out there that was eerily scary. It didn´t have the announcements for the upcoming stops (as we are used to), so we really had to be watching out the pitch-black windows for the little sign announcing the Bahnhof (which was a slab of cement with a bench on it). We were dropped off in what appeared to be the middle of a corn field in a horror film. Although it was only 6:30, it was pitch-black. We stood on the Gleis as we waited for the GML to come pick us up. It was so scary, and we were very grateful when his car pulled up! He, as is most of our ward, is Filipino, and he prepared almost every dish that has ever been served in the Philippines! It was so tasty, but so much food! The elders were also there, and Elder Escher (from Switzerland) was very excited to try so many new foods. 
Then, on Friday, another member of our ward´s child turned 1. The Filipinoes celebrate for any reason they can think of. So, there was a giant party with an MC to which we were invited. Yes, we were asked to give a spiritual thought at this one-year-old´s birthday party! And did I mention it was in another church? There is something in the white handbook about not proselyting near churches, but it says nothing about proselyting in them. So we gave our spiritual thought, and then they got on with the festivities. It was like no birthday party I have ever attended, but the food was, again, incredible! However, I did eat intestine for the first time, and that was odd. It´s very chewy. But, other than that, it was all so good, and quite the party! 
Wednesday night, we had dinner with the Picards. Yes, three eating appointments in one week! That was quite incredible in and of itself! But the Picards are solid. They are both from France. His mother is from Iran, so he also speaks fluent Persian. I am not sure what he does for work (Sister Stewart and I think he is a spy), but they lived in Tajikistan for about 5 years, America for a few years, and now they are in Vienna. They have three children, ages 11, 8, and 3? And they are just about the cutest things. For health reasons, the mother had to switch to a Vegan diet a couple of years ago, and since she´s the mom, the whole family is now Vegan. So, she served us a Vegan meal, and it was actually quite tasty! Danielle and her boyfriend were there, too. Danielle loved it, but Jared had some questions (we could tell). The lesson was also incredible! We taught repentance, baptism, and the Holy Ghost. We had the 8 year old share feelings from his baptism. He told about how a few months before he was baptized, he started praying about the church and received an answer that this was what he should do. He also talked about how happy he was after he was baptized. He said he was just smiling all day; he could not control his joy. He was so sincere, and the spirit was so strong! Then the oldest daughter told of a time when the Holy Ghost comforted her when she was scared. Again, nothing ´´profound,´´ per say, but so powerful. Danielle is so prepared for the gospel. :] We just need to get her baptized...
Earlier on Wednesday, we went finding all afternoon with the Wien 4 elders and the elders in Wiener Neustadt in Wiener Neustadt. It is such a cute little town! And we met a lot of really cool people! 
Sorry there aren´t a lot of cool story-worthy things (and we are strapped for time this week), but it was a good week! The field is so white here (literally today as it snowed), and we just need to keep working to harvest it!
Alles gute!
Ich liebe euch!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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