Monday, October 1, 2012

Liebe Familie,
Last P. Day, we got together with the other missionaries in Wien and played at this incredible park here in town. It was so fun!
On Monday night, our investigator, Bobby, called us. He is so sad all of the time, but as of late has been very happy (he also has stopped investigating other churches lately, what an odd correlation…). We are so excited for the progress he has started making! Anyway, he called us because he didn´t understand the context of Alma 7, his last reading assignment, and it was confusing him. We explained a little on the phone, clearing up his questions, but resolved to make things even more clear at our appointment on Wednesday.
Tuesday, we had a first appointment with a referral named Lara. She sounds so cool. She is a college student who just got back from study abroad in Oregon where her host family was members. She texted us Tuesday morning and said she was very sick, so we would have to get together later that week. I suggested we fill that time with Bobby, clarifying his concerns with Alma 7 that day, and we could teach the full lesson the next day. We called him, and he was very excited. But, an hour before the appointment, he called and said something very odd and unexpected had come up, and he would not be able to meet. We then remembered we had had a hard time getting a hold of another referral from Wien 2, so we decided we could try going by her house, since no appointments could stay fest at 3:00. The Wien 2 elders were so excited about her. They had met her on the street, and she was very cool. She needed a Spanish Book of Mormon, but they lived very close, so they ran home and got one for her. We showed up at her house, and she buzzed us in. We came to her door, and she was so excited that we came. She kept saying it was such a good thing we came when we did, as that was the only half hour all day she had (and would be) been home. Sometimes when appointments fall out, miracles can happen. We taught her about where the Book of Mormon came from and set up another appointment for Friday. She absolutely loved it, and kept thanking us over an over for coming. She also kept saying that we had come at the perfect time in her life. There are definitely no coincidences. On Friday´s appointment, she was very emotional. She explained that this week was the anniversary of her son´s death 8 years ago. We talked about the enabling power of the atonement, and she was so uplifted by our message. We can definitely see why the Wien 2 elders were so excited; Clara is so legit, and we are so excited to continue teaching her!
Wednesday, I had my first Austausch!! I went to Graz, and Sister Holmstead came here. Graz is so gorgeous!! Sister Pingree and I went on a run to the old part of Graz my first morning there, and I could not believe my eyes. This country is so beautiful. The trainride over was also gorgeous. All the rolling hills, little Dorfs, etc. Mensch. This place is amazing!
The Austausch was a good experience, too. I learned so much from Sister Pingree (who is actually my grandma, so that was fun, too). We taught a lesson to these three 50 year old people. Peter, a big guy with long flowing gray hair, a bandana, and a full beard, is a member. Heidi is a recent convert. Her boyfriend, Michi, is an eternal investigator. The elders stopped teaching him awhile ago, but since he´s always at Heidi´s house, and we need to teach Heidi, we still get to teach Michi. They were the funniest group. And it was great to teach in German finally (outside of the MTC and the times we taught when it was being translated into Polish)! We also stopped by on a woman who is recently less-active. She has 7 children, from ages 16 years-15 months. They are 6 boys and 1 girl, and are a handful fort his sister. She was very receptive to us coming over, and kept apologizing that her kids were everywhere and loud. I assured her that I also came from a big family and was used to the chaos. That made her feel better, and we were able to get a pretty crazy, but good, lesson in.
The weekend was a little rough, but we are still plugging along! I can´t believe this week is the last week of my first transfer! Mensch, how the time flies.
Ich liebe euch!!
Sister Stephanie Reid :]

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