Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Liebe Familie,
So, we are starting the final stretch before going to Deutschland!! We get new Deutschers TOMORROW!!! (Which, by the way, includes 2 sisters and 43 elders) And next Thursday we get our flight plans!!! And then it´s a week and a half after that, and we fly to Deutschland!! I am so excited; it is insane.
I find the pothole by the Redd's house interesting. I agree that the brown spot on the lawn did not cause the pothole; that would be just a little too crazy. However, I also agree that they could have both been caused by similar things. So, way to go, Dad! Also, thank you for updating me on world events. I am going crazy not knowing what is going on in the world! I know we are supposed to separate ourselves from the world, but I would still like to know what is going on so I sound intelligent when I talk to investigators.
We went to the temple again this morning with our district. It was such a good experience! We barely had enough people for the prayer circle once again, as the vast majority of the cats were missionaries. The poor temple workers:] But it was so great! Oh! And we saw two of our teachers in the temple this morning! Sister Covey and Sister Alder saw us and gave us huge hugs. Sister Alder was chilling in a chair (she is a temple worker), and Sister Covey was getting ready to do a session as we were leaving. We all got so excited, but in a reverant manner, of course.
We got a new district leader on Sunday. I think Elder Richards will be such a good district leader. He gave his first (and if it wasn't the first, it was certainly one of them) blessing today. It was so sweet and sincere.
He and his companion are the missionaries who are teaching me and my companions right now. I am so glad they are the ones teaching us. They never say anything that is apostilically profound, but it always comes from the heart. We always know that they know without a shadow of a doubt that what they are testifying of is true. They are such cute missionaries; they will do great!
We finally got enough sisters rounded up on Saturday to play a real game of soccer. It was five on five. So, I guess it wasn't technically enough people, but it was a decent game! We played with our new neighbors and our service Hermanas. Such a fun game!! It was very warm, but it was so worth it to be able to play!
On Sunday, we were sitting in our classroom preparing for district meeting, when the fire alarm went off. We were confused why they would have a fire drill on a Sunday, but obediently went outside. We got to the stairwell and smelled an electrical fire. It was one of the more exciting things at the MTC, for sure. A fire truck came and everything!! But, don't worry; no one was hurt. The building is still standing. 
One of our teachers, Brother Correy, is leaving this next week for a vacation. We sure are going to miss him. He was such a good teacher. And he was good at keeping the classes interesting; we lost track of time so often when he was teaching. But, he comes back the Saturday before we fly to Deutschland, so he will get to teach us one last time before he leaves.  
Sister Young and I are working on a violin-piano duet. We are playing a medley of "Amazing Grace," "As Now We Take the Sacrament," and "How Great Thou Art." It is so beautiful! I think we are performing it in sacrament meeting on Michelle's birthday, so be excited about that.
I got the last batch of the kids' letters and learned that Aldin got in an accident? Is he okay? What is his address so that I may write him? Thanks:]
Our investigators are going well. For the most part. Bernadette dropped us last week. She had a Jehovah's Witness friend who showed her that scripture in Revelation that talks about don't add anything to this book or you will be plagued, and she questioned the Book of Mormon. I explained that that scripture was in reference to only the book of Revelation. I talked about how the Bible was compiled much later than John wrote that verse, and many books in the Bible were written after the book of Revelation was written. I also bore my testimony that God loves us, so why would he stop revealing things? I then asked her to please pray about the Book of Mormon, and I explained that she would receive an answer if she asked with real intent. Sister Young also bore her testimony, but it wasn't enough. Bernadette said she would call us. Then, "two weeks later," she called us and asked us to come back. We came back and chatted, shared a spiritual thought, and decided to start teaching her again. We have decided to try and teach faith and the restoration again. So hopefully things will begin to progress with her once more! But Felix is doing great. He is excited for his baptism (we just still need to set a date), he doesn't have a problem with tithing, or the Word of Wisdom. We only need to teach the law of chastity and enduring to the end, or something. So we are feeling pretty good about him. Typ and Yoki are fun to teach, but we need to take things very slowly with them. Typ is quick to understand, and is very willing to help Yoki. But Yoki is still having a hard time understanding that his Heavenly Father knows him and loves him. But they are progressing, doing their reading assignments, having family prayer and scripture study, usw, so we are happy. :]
I think that's about it for this week!
Ich liebe euch!!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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