Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Liebe Familie,
I get my flight plans on Thursday!!! I can't believe how soon I will FINALLY be in Deutschland!! My roommates and I picked out our outfits for the plane today:]
So, in German there are two words that are very similar: klein (small) and kein (no). This last week, our district leader was teaching a lesson on the law of chastity and accidentally got these two words mixed up. He told his investigator that he MUST have small sexual relations before marriage. He then couldn't figure out why the investigator was trying so hard to suppress laughter. Luckily, the investigator cleared up the confusion. But, isn't it amazing what one letter can do?
Speaking of the German language, Elder Stanley learned this week that there IS a word for 'fun' in German. His companion had been telling him for SIX WEEKS that there was no word for 'fun' in German! Then, our teacher told us to have a fun Sunday, and Elder Stanley raised his hand to ask what 'spaß' meant. The teacher told him, and his companion just started laughing. You know you've been in the MTC for too long when this is what I find to be hilarious, I guess. :]
We got new missionaries on Wednesday! For the most part, they are way nice. They think those of us in the older transfer are so cool, which is nice. The new sisters keep to themselves, but they probably think we are way too weird. Which, I must admit, our first impression was not the best. We were so excited to talk to new people (we hadn't talked to anyone new for three weeks, afterall), that we may have been a little crazy. Aber, dass ist okay. :]
One of our teachers, Bruder Corey, left out of town on Saturday. Our last class with him was on Friday. So he showed us pictures of his mission. We could tell he was a guy since a lot of the pictures were of his bikes or things he ate. Also, he was such a goober. He took a picture of his nametag, printed it off on a 4x6, and wore it on top of his nametag for about a week before someone told him to take it off. The mission definitely changed that guy... But all of the pictures and stories of Germany just made us so so so excited to go!! These next few weeks will hopefully fly by! I can't wait to teach actual investigators. In Germany! (or Austria or Switzerland) 
Our investigator, Felix, is getting baptized!! We are so excited! I woke up one morning last week and said, "I know what we need to teach Felix." Sister Perkins had a meeting, so Sister Young and I taught the lesson. He started out the lesson how he always does, slumped back in his chair, picking at whatever he feels needs picking on his toes, or whatever. But a few minutes into the lesson, something was said that caught his attention. His countenance changed, and we could tell he was interested. He said the closing prayer, and it was by far the best prayer he has ever said. Sister Young started crying in the lesson. The spirit was so strong. It was the best lesson we have had with him. Sister Young and I were just hugging each other after the lesson. We were so excited that Felix finally got it. And our teacher (who was watching the lesson) kept commenting over and over again how that lesson was definitely a turning point for Felix. For the first time, Felix finally realized that we weren't there to fill our schedule. He finally understood why we wanted him to be baptized so badly. It was so neat!
Sorry this isn't very long. But it's been a good week. :]
Ich liebe euch!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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