Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Liebe Familie,
I am sorry about the brown spot on the lawn. I hope you resolve the problem before it gets out of hand.
Mom, the investigators are actual investigators whose eternal salvation is in our incapable hands. Not really. :] The investigators are staff here at the MTC. We have two investigators right now, Felix and Bernadette. Bernadette is so sweet and willing to learn. She expresses her concerns and questions and is so excited to learn all she can. Felix. We sisters have no idea where to go with this guy. He absorbs everything we say like a sponge. What are we to do? With Bernadette, the spirit is so strong; she even cried in our last lesson. The spirit is also strong in letting us know what to teach her next. But with Felix, we have no clue where to go with this guy. He is a mystery and a half.
Toby, everyone in my district loved your self portrait, ps. :]
Dad, I sure hope you can get your cabinet height problems resolved. I, too, wonder how you are able to do such great work in the garage with improper cabinet heights. That is a mind boggler.
Danke for the two packages! The bread seemed like it was still warm when I got it; my district went crazy! We were all so excited! Also, vielen dank for the bath towel and pictures. That bath towel is incredible! It soaks up water in the same manner that a group of fourth graders soaks up Halloween candy. And it won't take up hardly any space in my suitcases, as a group of fourth graders would. Could you send copies of my mission pictures and the family pictures (including my singles) in 4x6s, please? That would be great. :]
I would send pictures to you, but apparently the MTC no longer has the 'capacity' to print pictures. I find this to be a load of rubbish. Nevertheless, we will have to wait until I get to Deutschland to print pictures. I will also be able to e-mail pictures when I get to Deutschland. But, until that time, you will just have to imagine what I look like.
Time is finally starting to pass quicker. The days still feel like months. But, I can't believe it's already been three weeks! We only have to do this two more times, and then we will be going to Deutschland! The transfer ahead of us flew out this morning. That was so crazy saying good-bye to all of them last night and this morning. I couldn't believe how close we all got in just a few weeks. Our branch is so small now! All of the older elders and sisters in the older transfer sang a musical number on Sunday, and the congregation was empty. They sang ``God Be with You til We Meet Again.`` I do not do well with that song. Why do we have to wait until Jesus` feet for the meeting? It's going to be so crazy having them gone. Also, one of Jake's friends, Elder Bratsman, was in my zone. That was so fun!
Elder Kent and I performed our musical number yesterday. He sang "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" while I played the piano. We walked out of there beaming. We did so well! It was so great to be able to do that. Sister Young and I had so much fun with it, she wants to do a musical number where I accompany her while she plays the violin. She is also teaching me the cello this afternoon. We've got six weeks here. We have to do something with our time! May as well learn a musical instrument, eh?
So, get this. Something big is going down in Deutschland. There were 45 missionaries who flew out this morning. Our transfer has 33 missionaries in it. The one that comes in the first of August has 46 people in it. The one after that has 35 people in it. And apparently the next one has big numbers, too. Can you believe how many missionaries are going? That many aren't going home every transfer... I am going to be part of whatever is happening. I can't wait to see what it is! One of my companions is predicting a natural disaster; apparently before the big 'quake in Japan, it was the same story over there. I predict something happy. Not sure what, but I don't think (aka hope) it will be a natural disaster. Anyhoo, something intersting to ponder!
I'm sorry the e-mailing is so crazy. We are only given 30 minutes to e-mail. It's barely enough time to type this up! But, yes, once I get to Deutschland, our time will not be ticking when we log onto the e-mail. I won't have hours on end, but you guys can certainly e-mail me then. Until that time, I appreciate your patience in sending me snail mail.
I'm glad it sounds like everyone is doing well! I sure hope Corrina's surgery goes well! 
Bis später!
Viel Glück!
Sister Stephanie Reid
P.S. Everyone is trying to convince me to get my name changed on my badge to Ried. Apparently that is allowed, since the purpose is to help with pronunciation when I get in the field. But I like my name. But I thought it was interesting that they let people change their names... Anyway, tchau!

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