Friday, November 8, 2013

Unselfish Love, the Spirit of Missionary Work

Liebe Familie,
We continue to see miracles. This is good, because miracles are an essential part in the work of the Lord. And as President Miles teaches, the ONLY way in which the Lord works. 
So, the two biggest miracles this week were of Cris and then Frank and Stevie. 
Cris. So Cris is simply a really good friend of some members in our ward, and has been for about 30 years. She is so cool, and on Saturday, we came to visit her. We played Rummikub with her (I won:]), and then she asked, ''Did you bring something beautiful to share with me?'' We opened our scriptures and started trying to share a thought about Nephi, and then she interrupted us to tell us about our deciduous tree. She said she had been thinking about this analogy all week, and just how true it is. She absolutely loved it, and asked to know where the verses were that we shared with her. She marked almost all of Alma 32. She then proceeded to tell us about how she used to think, and how that is all changing. It was so cool that she is noticing this change in her. We are meeting with her again next week, and we are just so excited for all of the progress that she is making!
The other one started because we were heading to dinner with a part-member family. We were on the train, and I sat down in front of a man from Nigeria. We started talking, and he was so cool! He asked us if we had a church anywhere, as he wanted to visit it. We gave him the address, exchanged phone numbers, and parted ways. He called us a few days later (Saturday) to confirm where the church was, and we told him to meet us at Bahnhof at 8:30, and we would show him where the church was. He was so excited, and bid us farewell. The next morning, we got to Bahnhof, and he was simply not there. But the elders had one of their investigators with them, so that was nice:] Anyway, about halfway through Sacrament Meeting, I looked out the window, and I saw him, and who we assumed was his friend, along with a member couple walking through the parking lot! It turned out that this member couple (a young married couple who lives across the street from us) was at the busstop on time, but the bus never came! (We were five minutes early, and had to sprint to catch it.) This caused them to miss the train, and have to take a later bus altogether (we take a bus, a train, then another bus). Apparently Frank and Stevie missed their trains this morning, but they kept coming anyway. Sunday mornings, there are not a lot of people on public transportation. So, these four were the only people in the final bus. The bus driver asked if they knew each other, and they all denied it. Then they asked each other where they were going. Frank said, ''To a church in the Riedstraße... number 20?'' ''We are, too!!!'' exclaimed the members excitedly! It was such a miracle that the Hebbens missed their bus, otherwise there was no way Frank and Stevie could have figured out how to get to church. Then, we had our investigator class in Sunday School. They were the only two (the elders' investigator is 134, so he went to a different class), so we just taught the first lesson. They loved the whole thing and were actively participating. At the end of the lesson, we committed them to praying about the Book of Mormon. Stevie paused for a second then said, ''The way I see it, scripture is the word of God. I can see that this book is the word of God. All that we have read invites man to come closer to Christ. How can that not be the word of God? If it wasn't the word of God, it would be talking about other things. But it talks of Christ. I know this book is true.'' Miracles all around!!
Sorry this is a little shorter, but know that miracles still happen everyday. We write a miracle everyday in our planners, and it is incredible to see even the little things that the Lord does for us. I know He is there, and that He hears and answers our prayers. All we must do is ask, and have faith that He will answer. Because He will. 
Sister Stephanie Reid 

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