Monday, September 2, 2013

Why would we run off a bus?

Liebe Familie,
This email will have to be short, but that's probably a good thing, too.
We visited Grace a lot this week. She is in Hamburg now for a few days, and we wanted to get her address so we could talk to the missionaries there to make sure she gets to church. But one thing after another kept happening and she was always, ''going tomorrow, but can you come visit me now?'' We have a really hard time saying no to her, so we visited her a lot, as we called her almost daily. But it was really good. Her faith and testimony are just growing so much. She really is trying to learn as much as she can. She was also asking us this week about how in Nigeria, they sing and dance in church. That is how one properly praises the Lord, she said. She was asked to give her testimony after her confirmation last Sunday, and she mentioned that experience. She said how in Nigeria, she would have said, ''Praaaaaaaise the Lord!!'' and then the whole congregation would say, ''Hallelujah!'' and then she would sing a song and dance for God. But she did not do that last Sunday (as hilarious as that would have been) because she noticed we are a little more reserved in our church. We taught her the word 'reverant' and explained that we do praise God, just not through dance in the sacrament meeting. She is so cute, because she really is trying to learn this culture and everything. She is constantly making comments like, ''I notice that when you pray, you...'' Every time we see her, she just has more and more light in her eyes. She is also excited about trying to get her sons involved:] We have a ward temple trip coming up soon, and we are excited to send Grace with them so she can do the work for her daughter. She said that she had a dream a little bit ago in which her daughter came to her, confused and asking for help. We really enjoyed the experience we had to teach her all about the importance of temples and the Plan of Salvation. It really sunk in for her this time as we taught. She really is making such progress in her conversion process.
We also met with Maria Dackson yesterday. She was sick, so we brought her some soup. She really seems to like us and is really searching. We will meet with her again tonight, so more updates to come!
The Nespers are also doing well! They are overcoming leaps and bounds with their fears, and I am, too! They have a dog, Cindy, that jumps on me and licks my hand while teaching. Bam. When we pray, the Lord can give us strength we didn't know we had.
We got transfer calls, and Sister Brinck and I are staying, Elder Morrill and Elder Piepenstock are staying, but the other two areas in our district will be whitewashed! It is so crazy, but the Lord know's what's up. 
That's all for this week, but I love you all! Have a groovy week!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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