Friday, May 31, 2013

Liebe Familie,
We did Austausch with Passau this week. I went to Passau with Sister Garrett (this is her fourth transfer), and her Golden came to Neumarkt with Sister Smith. Sister Garrett and her Golden were not too big of fans of the idea of the two Goldens being together, but it ended out being really great. Sister Garrett and I found some cool people and set a baptismal date with one of their investigators!! Sister Smith and Sister Regnier did some incredible things in Neumarkt, too. Passau is in Germany, so that was my first time actually serving in Germany. Sister Garrett kept asking how different it was. Passau is on the Austrian border, and I only had a day. Not enough time to be able to write a book about the differences for sure, but it was good:] Passau looks a lot like Salzburg, but without the mountains. 
We got a new investigator on Sunday!! Her name is Linda, and she is a boss. She is about 14 years old. She has been to church three times in the last four (the one week she missed was Mother's Day), and she has been coming to mutual all of that time, too! She was telling one of the leaders a little bit ago about a conversation she (Linda, not the leader) had had with her mother (again, Linda, not the mother of the leader). The leader was telling the story before Young Women's started because she thought it was so cute. She said that Linda said, ''I asked my mom, and she has absolutely no problem if I get baptized.'' I said, ''Well, that is WONDERFUL news!!!'' And the other young women laughed a little at how excited I got. But it is wonderful! She is already thinking about baptism before we have our first real lesson with her! She really wants to go to EFY. She is willing to buy a skirt because she doesn't own one. And she will also have to buy shorts that are long enough. But she enthusiastically agreed to go shopping in preparation for EFY. We will have our first official lesson with her next Sunday night at the residence of the bishop and young women's president (they are married to each other, so it will only be held in one location). We will eat dinner and then have the first lesson with their family. Linda is pretty excited, and we are STOKED!! 
We dumped a few investigators last week, and we are dumping a few more this week. We are not on missions to have nice chats about Jesus Christ with people. We are here to bring people closer to Him. We have a few too many stagnant investigators. We are going through the area book, and we will be doing a lot of finding this week. It will be less fun than sitting in someone's dry house (it may, or may not, be the rainy season), but the elect are out there! We need to find them and tell them that God loves them and has not forgotten them. (see D&C 29:7)
I hope you guys all have uplifting weeks! Keep the faith! The church is true. And the Lord is always right by us. (see D&C 29:5 and Jacob 5:72)
Alles Liebe!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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