Monday, March 18, 2013

Liebe Familie,
We had a few wonderful wonderful things happen this week!
Monday we hiked this incredible mountain just outside of Salzburg. It was kind of foggy, but we decided that since we had already ridden the bus all the way out there, we would just go up and see what happened. We rode a cable car to the top-ish. We could not see more than about 5 meters in front of our faces. But, we started hiking around, determined to play in the snow if nothing else. We slid down some hills, then noticed that if we got to the top of some of the hills, the fog might be less thick. So we hiked to the top of a hill, and the view was incredible! We could see across the whole valley! And the mountains were poking out of the snow. It was so gorgeous! I would send the pictures, but I forgot my camera cord today, so y'all will have to wait. But it was totally worth the €14 we paid to get up there. 
The next day, we were back in Salzburg for a finding day. We were sent to the river to find people. We gave away 5 Book of Mormons, and only had one left. So we decided head back to the Storrer's apartment to reload. They only live a few blocks from the river, but we could not find their apartment for the life of us! But it was okay, because we met two really cool people who wanted copies of the Book of Mormon in their mother languages. We got their contact information and told them we would have the elders contact them. One of them was probably about 24 and from Iran. He was so cool! He told us that he really wanted this book because someday he will get married and have kids. And his kids will ask him about Jesus Christ. He will need to know what to tell them. Since the Book of Mormon speaks so much of Jesus Christ, he thought that would really help. He also aksed if we had a church he could visit. We told him we did. He said he couldn't come this weekend (which was good because it was stake conference anyway), but he was stoked to come this coming weekend! After we found him, we walked right to the Storrers'! We grabbed a few more, then headed back out. We helped an old woman from Hungary carry her groceries home. She was 86 years old. She was so cool and so sweet, and she gave us chocolate to thank us:] We gave out one more Book of Mormon and met a girl from Mongolia who wanted a Book of Mormon in Mongolian before we had to head back to Neumarkt. It was a very cool day!
We are still working on contacting all of the people in our Area Book. On Wednesday, we met a guy named Dragon and his wife Gordana. They were very cool, and didn't know why the elders stopped visiting them. So, we were pretty excited to find them!
Bobi and Anita are exploding with progress! First of all, they FINALLY came to church!!! They both really liked it! They talked about member missionary work, and Bobi was concerned afterwards because he thought that every member was expected to do what I am doing right now. The member that picked them up explained to them about his mission and how wonderful it was, and then he explained member missionary work. Bobi was fine with that. And Anita told us last night that if she gets baptized, she would like her two youngest sons (her oldest son is already married) to serve missions!! Also, their oldest son and his wife are often there when we are visiting Bobi and Anita. Christina really feels the spirit. Although she doesn't understand very much German, she often sits in on the lessons. Her husband, Daniel, never joins us. But last night, we watched The Restoration in Romanian, and they both joined us. They both had a TON of questions afterwards! We asked if they would be there when we come back so we can explain the Plan of Salvation. They both agreed! Also, our mission president spoke with the Romanian mission president about how so many of us are trying to teach Romanians who don't speak much German. He said that we could set up Skype lessons once a week with his APs!!! So, Sister Armstrong called Romania this morning (she was pretty excited about that) so we can hopefully get that set up for tomorrow night, as that is the hardest lesson to teach when there is a language barrier. We are so so so excited for them!!! Sister Armstrong and I think that Raul (the child of Christina and Daniel) will be a prophet someday.
And, finally, news from Friday morning. This transfer has already come to an end. Friday morning, we received a phone call from President Miles. He informed us that Sister Armstrong will be transferred to Munich, and I will be training here in Neumarkt! I am so excited to train! We will have a lot of fun:] And this area is at such an exciting stage right now! It is the perfect time for someone new to come! 
Well, I think that is all for this week. I hope everything goes well for y'all, and we will meld next week!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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