Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Liebe Familie,
I feel like I say this every week. But, yet again, this week was crazy, but good!
So, in October, Elder Cox and Elder Carter found a woman named Clara. She comes from South America and lives very close to the zone leaders. They gave her to us, as she speaks better English than German. We started teaching her, and she was awesome! She just soaked up everything we taught. Every lesson with her, the words were just placed in our mouths. She progressed so well so quickly. She mentioned in the second and third lessons that she would have to leave soon to go do rehab on her knee, but she didn't know when that would be. We invited her to General Conference; she was very excited. But she never showed up. For the next two weeks, we tried contacting her, but to no avail. In November we decided that she had probably gone to rehab. We remembered her saying the rehab was about 9 weeks. We calculated when we could start contacting her again and didn't worry about her for a few months. On December 17 (the date we had selected to retry contact), we went vorbei her house and tried calling again. No answer. Then, on the weekend of New Year's, Elder Cox called and said that they had seen Clara on their way home. She said that she was back, and that she wanted us to come back over again. We got the call at night, so we called the next morning. No answer. For a week, we tried to get in contact again. I was so upset that we might have actually lost her this time. Sister Schulze and I went vorbei last Sunday, and still no answer. We said we would call the next day, and then put her in the Lord's teaching pool for a time. We called the next afternoon and spoke with CLARA!!! She was so excited to hear from us. She said she was in the hospital, but to please come by.  We learned which hospital and said we would come the next day. We came by, but the receptionist said that no one by that name was in that hospital. We went by on her house again. No answer. We tried again a few days later with the phone. Her sister answered!! Her sister said that Clara was in the hospital and had just gotten out of surgery. She said the surgery went well, but that Clara was sleeping. She also said to please come by, but tomorrow. We asked for the hospital and room number this time. We went the next night after English class and found her!!! I was so excited!! She was asleep, so she couldn't join in my enthusiasm. But we found her! We left her a note and said we would come back on Thursday. On Thursday when we came, we stepped out of the elevator, and Clara was rolling her way to greet us in the hall! We were all so excited to see each other. Clara said that she was home for a few days. But then she was chopping wood, and a tree fell on her leg (the same leg which had had the knee problems requiring rehab earlier. But the tree fell below the knee, so at least that wasn't messed up). That was why she was back in the hospital. She showed us pictures, and it looked awful. But Clara was smiling the whole time. We chatted for a while, shared a couple of scriptures, and Clara asked us to come back this week. I cannot describe the feelings of excitement when we finally found her again. The gospel was made for people like Clara (although she will need four elders to help her be baptized with her bad leg, and all). We are so excited for her!
Also, this week, on Tuesday, I called Binod to set up an appointment for the following night. He said, ''I have been thinking, and I am going to get busy in February with my new job.'' That is usally not the thing we want hear. However, he continued with, ''I think that I should be baptized this month. Will you please help us to be ready?'' I told him we could discuss it the next night. So, we have set a new baptismal date with Binod and Nita. They will be baptized on the 2. February (no, it's not in this month, but Binod wanted to be baptized on a Saturday:])!! We made a plan to teach them that is actually reasonable and achievable this time. Binod and Nita are just so excited for their baptism. They love learning and know that this is the way to follow Jesus Christ. They got very excited when we taught the Plan of Salvation and said that they must be baptized so they can go to the Celestial Kingdom. :]
We had our last lesson with Danielle this week. She flies out tomorrow. She is doing so well. She gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday (that was awesome), and she came as a joint teach for Wanni. She said word-for-word what Wanni needed to hear. I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet and help Danielle. She is so cool. And in a year she can go through the temple!! And I get to come:] I am so excited for all that lays ahead for her!
That should do it for this week. It finally snowed today, so we need to buy new boots for Sister Schulze today. Anyway, have a great week! 
Sister Stephanie Reid

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