Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Liebe Familie,
This week was pretty dang amazing.
On Tuesday, we met with Danielle. She is doing so well! She told us she is glad she waited until now to get baptized. Before, she always had a little anxiety, or something. But she said for the first time, she is genuinely excited for her baptism! She feels ready. It was a good lesson to us to see that the Lord really does have His own timetable. We often don't understand why things can't happen when we want them to, how we want them to. But, the Lord knows what is best for us. Now, the baptism can be a much more positive experience for Danielle! And we have time to prepare a really great baptism gift for her! We will have everyone write their testimonies (on colored paper, of course) while she is changing. Then we will put them in a binder for her (with a picture from her baptism on the front). We also gave papers to people who will be out of town, but who really meant a lot to her. Also, Danielle will be in England with her parents for Christmas. So, we are making an Adventskalendar for her with talks and spiritual thoughts to read each day until the end of the year (we couldn't stop two days before the end of the year, now could we?). Danielle is doing so well, and we are so excited for her to finally be baptized!
After Danielle's appointment on Tuesday, we visited Binod and Neeta, a couple from Nepal living with some less-actives in our ward. We taught about prophets and Christ's earthly ministry. And do you know what? We also set a baptismal date with them that night!! We set it for the 30. December, and they were very excited! Also, the inactives have become more and more active as we have been meeting with their roommates. They have been so excited to help their friends learn about the gospel, and it's helping them remember why they got baptized. So that has been fun to see, too!
We had my first Zone Conference this week, so that was nice. After Zone Conference, when we were all pumped up to talk to people, Sister Leben and I found a toll guy named Gerhardt. We struck up a conversation on the Straßenbahn, and he was so cool! He is in his 60s, and he said he had been part of the Vienna Christian Group, but he didn't like them as they demanded too much money from them. He said they were too aggressive. We gave him a card as we got out and asked him for his number. He said he would call us on Monday and left. Normally, I would think, ''Well, hopefully other missionaries find him later.'' But, Sister Leben and I both thought, ''I actually think he will call!'' He did not call on Monday. He called that night!! He said he got home and could not stop thinking that he needed something we had to offer. So he visited the website on the card, saw a picture of the temple, felt the spirit, and wanted to meet the next night. He had many questions for us the next night, but he is so cool. He will visit his parents for Christmas, so we can't meet for a few weeks, but he said he will read in the Book of Mormon and call us when he gets back. Mensch. He is so cool. Unfortunately, since he speaks German, we will have to give him to the 2nd ward elders, but we are still glad we could help!
Things with the companions are still going well! Sister Stewart is so great at finding little acts of service everyday. And Sister Leben helps me with my German and tells us jokes every night before we go to sleep. The three of us have a lot of fun together!
That's all for now! I can't wait to see you guys next week! Have a great week!
Sister Stephanie Reid

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