Monday, November 19, 2012

Liebe Familie,
Transfer calls came on Friday, and Sister Stewart and I will remain in the Vienna International Ward for yet another transfer. So, no news there:]
We met with Danielle twice this week, on Monday and Wednesday. Monday, we had dinner and FHE with the bishop and his family. That was a hoot and a half (it could have possible qualified for two hoots, but I have no access to the hoot scale, so I am not the authority on what items are required to bump events\people to the next level of hoots)! The bishop is Filipino, and his wife is from Wales. They have three children with English accents. I could listen to them speak all day. Danielle absolutely loved them! We talked about receiving answers to prayers. It was very wonderful! Danielle drove us home (did I mention she takes notes during our lessons, too?) and talked about how much she appreciated and learned. On Wednesday, we had a JAE with us who served in the St. George mission. Danielle was able to list a bunch of reasons to get baptized. Then she said, ''But, on the other hand...'' and paused. She could think of no reasons! The only reason is honestly that she needs the courage and conviction to be baptized. She has gone to the states to be with her significant other for Thanksgiving, so we will see her again the first weekend of December. Hopefully her flame (or a member of his family would be fine, too) will be able to say something that will make her not want to wait any longer. So, we will keep praying for her, and see her when she gets back!
We also met with Wanni twice this week! She is, likewise, so close to baptism. She also knows it is a step she needs to make, but is concerned that her dad isn't standing behind her. Her mother encourages her to come to church; she knows that God loves Wanni, and wants her to continue to feel that love. But her father thinks it is a scummy idea, and Wanni doesn't want to cause contention in the family. But she is so excited to continue to learn more. We also started a sticker system with her. She gets one sticker for every day that she reads, another one for every day that she prays, two stickers when she meets with us, and three stickers when she comes to church. She LOVES the stickers! And that is slightly an understatement. She also told us that before she started meeting with us, she was depressed and apathetic all the time. But now, she is happy and excited about life! Wanni is so cool and so close!! 
David finally came back to church! Yes, he was in church on Sunday! It's a good thing the Lord helped Sister Pingree and me to run into him last week. We had lost all contact with him before then. This week, he called us on Thursday and asked if we could meet. We had appointments all day, but tried to schedule something for the next day. Unfortunately, I think David works a temp job, because he never knows his schedule until practically that day. And we also need to coordinate with the elders so we can pass him over (passing over investigators is always so awkward). But at least we have contact with him again! That is a HUGE step!
Yesterday, a woman named Joy came to church. Although Sister Stewart and I are still trying to figure out the beginning of this story, Joy showed up yesterday morning when the German-speaking ward was starting for church. She stayed through all three hours before someone told her they speak English at 1:30. So, she stayed for our three hour block, too!!! She is so cool! I got her number, and we are going to try to meet with her this week. She is from Nigeria and is looking for work, so she doesn't know how free her schedule is, but she is very cool.
Well, I am sure y'all have things to get to, so I will end this epistle. The Christmas markets opened on Saturday, and although it is getting cold, the town is so festive and fun! This will be another great transfer:]
Ich habe euch Lieb!
Liebe Sister Stephanie Reid

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